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“Island; or, To Be or Not to Be”

“Standouts include Michael Shattner as Sir Pompey Martext, Anna Paratore as Major Bellows, and Brian Cheng as Minor-Half-Deputy Silence...”

“The clear audience favorites were the statuesque Melissa Carlile-Price as the ditzy, lustful Rosaline and Brian Cheng as the Harpo-esque Half-Deputy Silence (pause here to consider how tall an order it is to steal a Shakespeare show without speaking).”

“...Minor-Half-Deputy Silence (Brian Cheng) manages to steal several scenes with his wonderful physical comedy.”

“But Brian Cheng, as Minor-Half-Deputy-Silence really stole the show. He spoke not one line in the entire performance, but his pantomime and facial expressions made him tremendously memorable.”

“Let’s Make a Movie”

“...Cassie (Hallie York) is a young ballsy woman with a crappy intern job living with her parents, when she is thrust a script by wannabe writer Eugene (Brian Cheng - a real catch of an actor for this movie), a geeky Korean neighbor who believes in her in a somewhat obsessive way.”
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